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(Gokusai Film)

幸福理論~aurola bouquet~ [Maxi-Single]

02.Natsu no yuki
03.Seishun Hibiscus

 Babylon- Clan Gene (2006.08.09) [ Album ]
1. Garyuu
2. Leopardess Marry
3. Rhapsody
4. Knot Theory
5. Loveless Involve
6. Hana No Miyako, Ware, Chirikeri
7. Unknown
8. Sola
9. Dzy
10. Virgin Way
11. Funny Play
12. Tsuya
13. Aozora No Shounen
14. Gush
15. In a Coop
16. Celeb

10 $

 ARC- Rakugaki kyoukasho (2006.11.01) [ Single ]

1. Rakugaki kyoukasho
2. Koi 2 cocktail iro
3. Rajikase

7 $
Aquarian Age Drama CD

Comes with the special card! the case is cracked, but the CD is in mint condition.

3 dollars!

Limited 2000 copies.
Irodori Visual Kei DVD

6 dollars


Versailles Photo SET

I know these photosets are hard to come by and all, and I hope to sell them for cheap because one of the Teru is a little bit wrinkled but it isn't noticable? Only when you put it in the light. The rest are in mint condition and were bought at a live in 2010.
I'm asking for 10 dollars and two for shipping for all of them! ( you can also make me an offer, nothing lower than 8 though!

Dir en grey poster 6 dollars shipped.

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